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Conference Meetings LWP2

Everyone, All meetings will take place at the Barnes & Noble bookstore at the Washington Center. Look for me inside if B&N is open and outside if it is too early for them to be open. Please make sure you bring a hard copy of the peer review letter you received. Here are the times you […]

MLA Citation of course readings

Course Readings in MLA 1102H – Writing, Rhetoric, and Research in New Forms Douglas Walls Bartholomae, David. “Inventing the University.” When a Writer Can’t Write: Studies in Writer’s Block and Other Composing Problems. Ed. Mike Rose. The Guilford Press, 1985. Print. Bohannon, John. “Searching for the Google Effect on People’s Memory.” Science 333.6040 (2011): 277. […]

LWP2 Links

Here is a link to the sheet you need for Wednesday: Group Members Community Literacy/Forum Analysis

Pariser Ch. 7 Some interesting video

Here are some videos about what an offline/online world might look like. The real Google Glass presentation from this year Project Glass: One day . . . Sight – the future Some humor to offset the creepy. Tom Scott – I Know What You Did Five Minutes Ago Tom Scott – Google Glasses: A New Way to […]