Grades & Assignments



ENC 1101 and ENC 1102 are subject to the state-mandated “Gordon Rule.” UCF currently interprets this legislation as requiring students to write at least four, formal graded writing assignments in a Gordon Rule designated class. Students must earn a grade of a C- or higher to receive course credit.



A 94 – 100 percent
A- 93 – 90 percent
B+ 89 – 87 percent
B 86 – 83 percent
B- 82 – 80 percent
C+ 79 – 77 percent
C 76 – 73 percent
C- 72 – 70 percent
*D+ 69 – 67 percent
*D 66 – 63 percent
*D- 62 – 60 percent
F 59 and below

* Final course scores of 69 or below will score either a NC or F in the course. Please see “What is a NC Grade?” for details.

What is the NC grade?

An NC grade is a grade of “No Credit.” In essence, the NC grade replaces the use of D+, D and D- as a final grade, and only the final grade of the course.

To be eligible for a NC grade, the student must:

  • have turned in all assignments;
  • have missed no more than one week of classes;
  • have completed the course;

Earning a NC grade in this course means the course will need to be repeated but does impact the student’s GPA in the same way an “F” grade might. Repeating the course does not make the NC grade disappear.


You will be responsible for the following assignments this term. I will give you more information about each through the course. The course is divided into two types of assignments. Low Risk, Medium Risk, High Risk

Low Risk (presence & absence) (300 points)

  • Reading Responses – 100 points
  • Long Writing Project Drafts x2 – 100 points per.

Medium Risk (synthesis & analysis) (600 points)

  • Class Participation incl. Small Group Instruction – 200 points
  • Peer Review Letters x 2 – 100 points per.
    • (700-ish words)
  • Long Writing Projects x 2 – 100 points per.
    • (2250-ish words)

High Risk (metacognitive & intertextual)

  • Final Class Portfolio – 200 points

Class Total 1100 Points

Class Participation – 100 points

Class participation in this class will be different from other classes you have taken. Here, class participation will be measured by how much you improve the intellectual environment of the class. There are many ways to add value to our course. For example, speaking up in class, bringing useful writing technologies and/or news, volunteering to take notes and share these notes with the class are a few examples. Just coming to class and not contributing is, well, average (a grade of “C”). Let’s face it: networks and language are social.  You can expect to work closely with others in class every day.

We will spend a lot of time in small groups developing critical thinking strategies and learning to integrate higher order thinking into our writing. Class participation events include, but are not limited to:

  • “Review Game Show Quiz”
  • In class writing exercises
  • Winning Lesson plan Design Competitions

Class participation points will be removed for not being prepared with either a copy of our text for the day or being prepared to write. You must come to class prepared to write with some form of technology and our readings for class (either printed or downloaded).

To understand yourself as a student, you really need to experience the other side: instructing. Everyone will be placed in a small group where each group will present to the class. One of the participation goals of this assignment is for you to work through and present a class lecture about our reading for that week, lead a discussion, and to give us as a class a new literacy tool (app, web site, technology). As a group, you will need to coordinate your efforts and organize your presentation. The key here is not to present yourself as an expert as much as it is to facilitate the learning of a literacy. You will be given class time to meet with your group.

Reading Responses – 100 points

For each article and required reading we have, I will require you to provide a “Reading  Response”. To receive full credit for each of these assignments you must submit each response before 10:00am, the response must be more than 250 words, and it must consist of both synthesis and analysis.

Two Peer Review Letters – 100 points per draft

During the course of the semester you will be given two opportunities to peer review a fellow student’s paper/project. This will not only help your peers but will also have you practicing critique and how to closely read a text for structure and argument. Your classmates are to be given valuable, polite, critical, and insightful commentary on their work. Your ability to do this should be counted as a valuable contribution to our writing community. Grades will be determined by your insight into your peer’s work, your ability to cite evidence for your claims, and your ability to present that information in a rhetorically sound manner.

Two Long Writing Projects – 100 points per draft.

During the semester we will be writing two projects of various lengths. We will have time in class to invent, write, and revise these research projects with each other. You must turn in all two of assignments by the end of the semester to pass this course. Long Essays will be evaluated separately based on the specific criteria of each assignment.

Final Class Portfolio – 200 points total

This class uses what is known as a portfolio grading. A portfolio is a document that contains various pieces that you have written throughout the semester, all your drafts of those documents, and other bits that may have inspired you to write (napkins that you wrote the initial ideas for your essays on, photographs that inspired your work, music CDs and more).  The point here is to allow you to show off the work you think you learned the most from in the class. As it is your opportunity to reflect on what you did in the class; as well as your final opportunity to revise essays you have worked on during the semester, it is weighted very heavily.


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