Long Writing Project 2

Community Literacy/Forum Analysis

LWP2 in pdf format (not updated)

the goals:

The primary goals for this assignment are for you to explore and analyze a new rhetorical situations by observing what type of skills you would need in order to be “sound like a native” in that place. Your work should be written in a scholarly style where claims are supported by specific observed evidence thereby improving knowledge about literacy and rhetorical forums.

So far, we have worked with looking at differing definitions of literacies that come from both you and those around you. Now I would like you to examine one that you may not be a part of and may not have much digital at all.

“For this assignment, you will need to choose a location that you think requires people to demonstrate that they belong in the location in certain ways – through their behavior, dress, speech, or other actions. These ways of behaving, acting, speaking, and so on, can all be considered part of the literacy required to fit into this place, in other words, the knowledge required to show that people participate in this place.”             (Adler-Kassner 38)

To collect evidence for this assignment, you will spend 3-4 hours observing and collecting evidence in the location you have selected. The data you collect will help you formulate a response to the question: What are the “rules” of speaking in this Forum? What is required to speak in this situation, and how do people enact these rules and show they belong to the discourse community? What texts are present? How are they used?

What technologies or assets (both digital and analog) are present? How does the discourse community use them? When you consider your response to this question, you will also need to incorporate specific relevant evidence from at lest one reading from class assignment, though how you will do that depends on what you find, which reading you choose, and how you interpret that reading.

I would like you to pick a place you don’t already know but might be useful for you such as one related to your major. Sometimes being very familiar with a place or idea makes it difficult to see new things about it. We will talk about how to do field notes in class.

how to get started:

This assignment hinges on pick a good research site. To do this research well you really need to pick a site with a lot going on that you can pay attention to and one that is, or will be at some future date, important to something you want to do. For example, if you are a nursing major picking an Emergency Room is a good choice because there is lots going on, lots of literacy events, and you have a professional interest in it.

Assessment Criteria:

  • Quality of Introduction: Have you chosen a specific anecdotal model? How well have you executed that model?
  • Quality of Evidence: Is there enough there? Does it support your claims?
  • Quality of Definitions: Do your definitions make sense? Are they guided by the work we have done? Are they based in research from the class? How well do you explain them? How well does your evidence fit them?
  • Quality of Conclusion: How well do you recognize a pattern in your observation? What conclusions have you reached? Do they make sense given the data you have talked about in the paper?
  • Craft: Something beyond line editing? Where can I see deep changes? Thoughtfulness in writing. Grammar/Spelling/MLA Citations.

Important Dates:




Research Proposal Memo

25 pts

10/6 @ 10 am

Copy of Field Notes

25 pts

10/27 @ 10 am

Draft for Peer Review

50 pts

11/10 @ 10 am

Peer Letter

100 pts

11/17 @ 10 am

Final Draft

100 pts


technical considerations

Draft Check List: (-5 points per)

  • wallsphd@gmail.com given “editor” rights
  • when uploading convert doc to “corresponding Google Docs format”
  • link shared with class
  • Arial, 12 pt. font
  • double spaced
  • 1” margins
  • MLA title page information
  • MLA format work cited
  • page numbers
  • proper name for post
  • proper name for file

Length Requirement: 2250-ish words. So a draft that is 1125 words would be -50%.

Work Cited

Adler-Kassner, Linda. Considering Literacy: Reading and Writing the Educational Experience. New York: Longman, 2005.


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